Sales Workflows

Automating the Quote-To-Cash Process with Maple

The quote-to-cash (QTC) process encompasses the entire sales lifecycle, from the initial quote to the receipt of payment. This workflow directly impacts revenue generation and customer satisfaction for your software business. Streamlining this nuanced process can significantly enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and accelerate cash flow.

Maple provides a robust solution designed to effectively automate this complex business processes. With Maple you can kick start quote generation, trigger accurate billing and ensure payment collections for any pricing model.

Understanding the QTC Process

The QTC process includes several key stages. Each of these stages involves multiple tasks and stakeholders, making the QTC process complex and prone to inefficiencies.

  • Quote Generation: Creating and sending quotes to potential customers.
  • Order Management: Processing customer orders once quotes are accepted.
  • Contract Management: Handling the agreements and terms associated with orders.
  • Billing and Invoicing: Generating invoices and managing billing cycles.
  • Revenue Recognition: Recognizing revenue according to accounting standards.
  • Payment Collection: Ensuring timely payment from customers.

How Maple Automates Key Steps of the QTC Process

Maple plays a critical role in automating several steps of the complex QTC workflow with the following robust features.

  • Deep CRM Integrations: Maple automates quote generation by deeply integrating with CRM and ERP systems. This ensures orders are swiftly and accurately entered into the system with the right customer information. Quotes can be generated directly from within the CRM and progress in the quote status is accurately reflected to the sales team through pipeline updates.
  • Customizable Templates and Embedded Signatures: Maple enables customizable templates and variables to quickly generate consistent and professional quotes that meet specific company and customer needs. The embedded digital signature integration with Dropbox Sign immediately removes the friction of yet another product for signatures thus preventing delays and inaccuracies in the known current state of the contract.
  • Dynamic Pricing Models and Terms: Maple enables contracts with dynamic and modern pricing models such as usage-based billing or a seat-based billing with true-ups at a different frequencies. This ensures accurate and competitive quotes with flexible contract terms. Subscriptions or one-time charges are auto-generated upon contract execution with robust in-built invoicing capabilities.
  • Contract Approvals and Reminders: Maple enables sales leaders to set up rules that can be checked against any finalized contract to initiate an approval process if one is needed, based on a variety of criteria such as deal sizes, discounts or any custom rules. This also ensures that deals that do not meet approval criteria can close quickly.
  • Revenue Tracking: Maple enables live tracking of key revenue metrics such as MRR as soon as contracts are signed. This means less reliance on the sales person to move deals through the stages of the pipeline to track booked revenue.
  • Payment Reminders: Maple enables triggering comprehensive dunning strategies to recover payments through automated reminders for due payments or card expiry. Failed payments can also be retried at set intervals. This ensures maximal automation around payment collections.

Benefits of an Accelerated QTC Process with Maple

There are several benefits to leveraging Maple for your QTC process. Reducing manual data entry minimizes errors and ensures more accurate quotes, orders, and invoices. Streamlined processes accelerate the entire QTC cycle, from quote generation to payment collection, improving cash flow. Quick and accurate processing leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Learn more about transforming your QTC process and reaping the benefits of enhanced operational excellence.