About Us

As previous leaders from top SaaS companies, we have seen billing operations turn into a tangled mess of workflows owned by multiple stakeholders. This becomes a serious bottleneck for key business growth initiatives, such as launching new products or experimenting with pricing and packaging.

With Maple, we set out to tackle these problems and solve for the end-to-end billing workflow for product, engineering, sales and finance ops teams regardless of your size or sales motion.

Our Team

Maple is founded by a team that previously built core systems at Rippling, Dropbox and Airbnb.

  • Employee #1 at Rippling

    As the first employee at Rippling, Aswin built their core billing stack, hardware and insurance features from scratch.

  • Senior Director of Engineering at Dropbox

    As a long-time leader at Dropbox, Ruchi led the launch of several new products such as Capture, Replay, Shop, Transfer and Paper.

  • Engineering Leader at Airbnb and LinkedIn

    Aravind led the development of several features of the core reservations platform and Airbnb Plus.