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How Bluebird Climate Quickly Delivered on Revenue Due Diligence with Maple

We have been working closely with Bluebird Climate, a sustainability software company that helps consumer brands assess, improve, and transparently communicate the environmental performance of their products, ingredients, and packaging. They recently got acquired by RePurpose Global, a plastic action platform that helps businesses make a verifiable impact on plastic waste.

Revenue due diligence is a critical part of the acquisition process, aimed at verifying the target company's revenue streams and ensuring the financial health and sustainability of the business. Maple's revenue metrics and reporting capabilities played a key role in helping Bluebird Climate manage their revenue due diligence requirements for their acquisition.


Prior to getting set up on Maple, Bluebird Climate had their existing and upcoming deals managed across spreadsheets, Hubspot and Stripe. They did not have a centralized source of truth on their subscriptions, revenue metrics and outstanding invoices.

Furthermore, for due diligence for their acquisition, they needed to provide an understanding of the revenue streams, historical financial analysis, and quality of earnings such as the breakdown of recurring and non-recurring revenue. In addition, they needed to provide a way for RePurpose Global to have unified access to their customers, subscriptions, invoices and payment schedules to understand deferred revenue.


Recognizing the challenge, Bluebird Climate leveraged Maple's Stripe continuous sync mechanism to quickly import their existing customers and plans into Maple. They worked closely with the Maple team to additionally import their subscriptions from spreadsheets and Hubspot. Maple interpreted the MRR implications based on the history of the subscriptions and was able to provide historical insights into the revenue growth.

"Before Maple, our small team had to do tons to manage AR. Maple automated and centralized tracking in one place, cutting out a ton of work which was key for diligence during fundraises and acquisition."

Jamie McCroskery – CEO & Co-founder at Bluebird Climate


Maple's reporting capabilities allowed Bluebird Climate to field revenue due diligence questions from Repurpose Global quickly, ensuring a smooth and confident acquisition process. Additional key outcomes included:

  • Accurate Metrics: By onboarding on Maple, Bluebird Climate immediately got their metrics in order. They could easily track their historical MRR, total revenue and other core SaaS metrics.
  • Streamlined Operations: With Maple as a unified solution, Bluebird Climate could automate their entire billing operations from sending out quick payment links to sending out nuanced contracts.
  • Improved Collections: With centralized management of invoices and payments in Maple, Bluebird Climate was able to track their outstanding invoices and automate their dunning processes with email reminders, payment retries and card expiry reminders.
  • Reduced Costs: With the migration from Stripe, they were able to save percentage of revenue fees for subscription management of their sizeable deals. They also no longer had to purchase a separate metrics solution to track their core business metrics.


By leveraging Maple's revenue metrics and reporting capabilities, Bluebird Climate not only unified their immediate billing workflows but was also prepared for all the requirements for revenue due diligence for their acquisition. Post acquisition, Maple continues to provide RePurpose Global with these insights along with additional contract management capabilities.

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