Customer Highlights

How Wolfia Streamlined their Quote-to-Cash (QTC) Process with Cost Savings on Maple

We have been working closely with the team at Wolfia (YC), a product that automates security questionnaires, RFPs, and RFIs, providing accurate answers and detailed citations using generative AI.

Through a seamless integration with Maple, Wolfia replaced the use of Common Paper and Stripe to streamline their QTC process. This allowed them to automate billing for usage-based contracts and custom flat fees. They also benefited from reduced percentage of revenue fees for managing their sizeable deals and saved on stacked monthly subscription costs for Docusign and Common Paper.


Wolfia was looking to build a usage-based plan for their product along with a sales-led contract-based motion. They initially leveraged Common Paper with their Stripe integration, however, it only worked for flat fee based subscriptions. This meant that Wolfia would have to take on the engineering lift to build and manage usage-data and periodically send that information to the Stripe subscription.

Recognizing the importance of flexibility, Wolfia also aimed to support future iterations of their pricing plans. However, managing intricate billing scenarios along with pricing and packaging would become overly complex for their engineering team over time.


Recognizing the challenge, Wolfia leveraged Maple's Stripe continuous sync mechanism to quickly import their existing customers and plans into Maple. They then quickly integrated with Maple's Usage Events API to enable usage-based billing.

"We finally had a simple contract flow from signature to usage-based billing in a few clicks, all without the fragmented tools and hidden revenue percentage fees."

Naren Manoharan – Co-founder and CEO at Wolfia


Through this partnership with Maple, Wolfia quickly launched their usage-based pricing model with a seamless contract signature flow.

  • Streamlined QTC: Wolfia set themselves up for the future by deploying Maple as a unified solution that automates their entire contract-based billing operations such as sending out quotes, getting signatures and collecting on outstanding invoices or retrying failed payments.
  • Support for Consumption-Based Billing with Contracts: Wolfia's engineering team went from worrying about the implementation of usage-based billing infrastructure to focusing on their core product offering.
  • Reduced Costs: With an automated migration to Maple, Wolfia immediately saved percentage of revenue costs from Stripe for subscription management. They also no longer had stacked software fees for signatures and contract-management.


By leveraging Maple's holistic billing capabilities, Wolfia not only addressed their immediate pricing needs to streamline their QTC process with usage-based billing but also positioned itself for sustained pricing iterations in the future without the heavy engineering lift.

Check out the benefits of our flexible Usage Events APIs and Credits API to quickly execute on modern pricing plans with Maple.