Sales Workflows

Seamless Contract Approval Workflows

In a highly competitive sales landscape, closing deals quickly is of key importance. As teams grow, sales leaders often become bottlenecks to review and approve contracts. A well-designed contract approval workflow ensures that agreements are thoroughly reviewed, approved, and executed seamlessly.

What is a Contract Approval Workflow?

A contract approval workflow comprises of a set of rules to determine whether a contract needs additional checks internally before it can be presented to the customer. These workflows can often require rules with different approvers to be set up simultaneously to confirm different aspects of the deal.

Why Use Contract Approval Workflows

  • Improved Efficiency: Efficient workflows set up with the right stakeholders helps reduce the time it takes to move a contract from initiation to execution. This reduces bottlenecks on specific individuals and reduces operational costs associated with prolonged sales cycles.
  • Consistency and Reliability: Thorough contract approval processes help mitigate risks by ensuring that all legal and company policies are adhered to before a contract is finalized.
  • Reduced Error-Prone Processes: A well-defined workflow can promote effective collaboration and visibility among different departments, legal teams, and stakeholders involved in the contract approval process.

Efficient Approvals with Maple

Maple allows to you set up optimized and targeted rules for contract approvals. This is crucial for organizations seeking to enhance efficiency, reduce risks, and foster collaboration to close deals seamlessly.

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