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Iterate on your pricing model without giving away a percentage of your revenue.

Trusted by businesses worldwide

  • LeagueApps
  • Ignition
  • Byga
  • Bluebird Climate
  • Rocketbrew
  • ControlQore
  • Restpack
  • RecTimes
  • Virtually
  • United Effects
  • StoryGen
  • Paramark
  • Convoy
  • Secondbody
  • Wolfia
  • GovernGPT
  • Commenda
  • MightyBot
  • Flex

Business billing on steroids.

From seat-based to consumption-based to manual, we've got you covered with best-in-class revenue automation.

Effortlessly create and experiment with any pricing plan whether usage-based, seat-based, credits-based, license-based or a combination. Quickly close customers with contract-based and self-serve payment links.

Trusted by startups worldwide.

Maple gives you modern billing that does not take away from your success.

    • Maple automated and centralized tracking in one place, cutting out a ton of work which was key for diligence during fundraises and acquisition.

      Jamie McCroskery
      CEO, Bluebird Climate
      Jamie McCroskery
    • We needed a billing platform that would help our launch immediately, but also enable future pricing iterations. Now all our billing capabilities from feature entitlements to contracts reside in Maple.

      Derek Osgood
      CEO, Ignition
      Derek Osgood
    • Maple has made collecting on our accounts receivable 3x faster. No more awkward emails to customers to pay outstanding invoices.

      Rajan Rangasamy
      CFO, RecTimes
      Rajan Rangasamy
    • We needed to swiftly deliver credits-based pricing to our customers and in a single conversation we knew that Maple was the perfect partner to deploy it.

      Heidi Ye
      CEO, RocketBrew
      Heidi Ye
    • When we wanted to launch pricing, flexibility was our top priority. We wanted a solution that will enable us easily tweak the pricing to suit our users. Maple was that solution.

      Subomi Oluwalana
      CEO, Convoy (YC W22)
      Subomi Oluwalana
    • With a couple button clicks you effectively save Stripe subscription fees... no migrations and no updates to manage with customers.

      Bo Motlagh
      CEO, United Effects
      Bo Motlagh

Collect your dues, without breaking the bank.

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